Crazy Monkey Open Day

Nov 20
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Crazy Monkey Open Day

Crazy Monkey is the only facility in Amsterdam that is build for people to develop a movement practice, which represents a revolutionary new perspective on the way we as humans move our bodies. 

This open day is a unique opportunity to get a glimpse of the movement perspective.

Some of the subjects we work on within this practice: 

  • What does it mean to have a moveement practice? 
  • Hand balancing
  • Developing a coördinated and mobile spine
  • Strength and mobility 
  • Play and learning how to learn. 
  • Tactical games and working with a partner
  • An intelligent and well ordered approach to develop an improvisational capacity.

All levels and ages

There is no required level or experience needed to join the open day. During the open we will leave plenty of time for discussion and questions about movement practice at Crazy Monkey.

Dates and times

Day 1
Sat, november 20, 2021 • 13:30 — 16:30 GMT+1


Crazy Monkey Movement

Room: Studio CM

Westerstraat 158 H

1015 MP Amsterdam

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Crazy Monkey Open Day

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